Dermaplaning is a non-invasive, anti-aging treatment that can improve the appearance of the skin from common aesthetic flaws such as an imbalanced texture, fine lines, and enlarged pores to excessive vellus hair (peach fuzz), and dull tone. 

Dermaplaning utilizes a specialized blade which instantly alleviates the skin from debris, dead skin cells, and bothersome peach fuzz. Through this process of exfoliation, you will not only rejoice with smoother skin but can benefit from an easier, smoother make up application and more efficient absorption of skincare products. Paired with a low grade chemical peel, this service will achieve your ultimate glow.

Keep in mind

  • Avoid dermaplaning on open or broken skin as it could lead to infection or worsening of the wound

  • Dermaplaning can be done right before injectables, but should not be done until 15 days post neurotoxin or dermal fillers.

  • Laser – should be avoided 10 -15 days before and after do to risk of increased sensitivity.

  • Chemical Peels – immediately before is ok, should wait 10 or more days after depending on clients’ sensitivity and skin condition.



Your skin will be so soft and glowing, you would not be able to resist touching it, BUT not touching your skin after Dermaplaning is the best after care! The skin is vulnerable right now and needs sometime to heal from the exfoliation they have just received. Sunscreen is a MUST! Your young skin best friend! After this deep exfoliation, we recommend 48hours no sun exposure. If possible avoid make up application for the first 24 hours. Let your skin breath! Avoid any facial creams, serums or products that are ‘exfoliating’ or contain any Retinol.