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At K-Beauty Studio You Are Our Number One Priority. We took on a mission to enhance natural beauty of our clients to achieve more defined, radiant and younger-looking appearance.   Every day we expand our knowledge about new  products and techniques  in the Beauty Industry so we can bring the best of the Beauty World to you.  We continuously travel across the continents to discover the hidden secrets  of advanced masters so you can have the best results possible. We invest in the high-quality pigments and top-notch equipment to achieve the most desirable and highly predictable results. Our extensive medical background sets high standards for safe and comfortable procedures every time. You can be confident as  you have found the top professionals whose main focus is YOU!


Powder Effect Brows

Also Ombre Brows or Micropigmentation of  the Eyebrows creates soft shading, balances asymmetry and fills in thin brows. Your eyebrows will be perfectly shaped according with your facial features. The pigments are individually selected to match natural eyebrow color! Perfect for any skin type including oily skin! Lasts up to 2 years! Follow up touch up may be needed after 6-8 months.Performed in 2 appointments 4-6 weeks apart. Procedure length 2.5-3 hours. First appointment price 350, and a touch up 150.


Revolutionary method of semipermanent make-up, which allows fully restore eyebrows by creating fine, crisp and natural looking hair strokes. The results are amazingly realistic, perfectly shaped and fuller looking eyebrows. Best for normal, dry, taut skin. Perfectly shaped and natural-looking eyebrows after Microblading will last up to 2 years! Follow up touch up may be needed after 6-8 months. Performed in 2 appointments 4-6 weeks apart. Procedure length 2.5-3h. First appointment 350, and a touch up 150.

Lip Color Micropigmentation

Lip Color MicroPigmentation is a wonderful way to enhance your lip color, volume, balance asymmetry, define lip contour for natural and younger looking lips!  Give yourself a freedom of having a perfect lips every day! Last up to 2 years! Follow up touch up may be needed after 6-8 months. Performed in 2 appointments 4-6 weeks apart. Procedure length 2.5-3h. First appointment price 450, and a touch up 150.

Lash Liner

Also called Tightlining, is a type of eyeliner which covers the area between eyelashes just above the waterline of the eyes.  This is a must have for those who are planning to wear lash extensions. Creates most natural and enhanced appearance of your eyes! This is a beautiful way to visually increase the volume of your eyes! You won't need to worry about your Lash Liner to smudge after swimming, working out at the gym or excessive sweating. Your Semi-permanent Lash Liner will last up to 2 years! (2-2.5h) Follow up touch up may be needed after 6-8 months. Performed in 2 appointments 4-6 weeks apart. First appointment price 250, and a touch up 150.

Eyelash Extensions

Introducing luxurious Eyelash Extension! Exclusive quality of materials and undeniable professionalism of our Lash Technician Carolina C. will create most delicate and absolutely natural-looking enhancement for your eyes. Choose from 1D, 2D or 3D Lash extension types. In 1D each natural eyelash receives single eyelash extension, in 2D, two eyelash extensions applied per one natural eyelash, and in 3D three eyelash extension will be applied per single natural eyelash. Choose more soft natural volume with 1D or more dramatic with 2D and 3D. Creates more intense color and soft curled look. No need for mascara! Two to three weeks touch up is highly recommended for 1D, 2D, 3D extensions,due to natural regeneration of eyelashes. The eyelash extensions resists the water and the sun very well. Extremely hypoallergenic and safe for the eyes.

Yumi Lashes Keratin Lift

Discover  Keratin Lash Lift! Yumi Lash is one of a kind and the only certified keratin treatment in the US. Fully certified under EU standards (which is higher than FDA), Yumi Lash originally developed in Paris. All natural treatment for thicker, healthier, and longer eyelashes. Extremely hypoallergenic and free of any and all toxic chemicals formula. Wear your own beautiful eyelashes! Lasts up to 8 weeks! (1 h. 15 min).                          Price 150.

Brow Henna

Introducing our amazing Brow Henna- the most natural way to tint and shape your eyebrows. Plant- based nourishing formula enhances the growth and strengthens  eyebrow's hair! Individually selected color will  be most closely matching your own. Great alternative to Permanent MakeUp! The color will lasts on the the skin for 2-3 weeks, on the brow hair up to 6 weeks! Includes precise eyebrow design.  (40-60 min)   Price 75.

Natural Face Lift

Introducing our latest treasure- Natural Face Lift. FDA approved Micro-current technology to visibly reduce appearance of facial wrinkles, uplift the cheeks, contour the jawline and more. It uses similar energy which produced by the cells in our body to tone the muscle of the neck and face. It is fitness for you face. For best results, to be performed 2-3 times per week. 20 min. Price 40.


I wish I could describe how impressed I was, how comfortable I felt, and enlightened I became with my consultation and eyebrow micropigmentation process. It is very obvious that Kate is a dedicated professional. Combining her background in nursing coupled with her cosmetic artistry, her passion for her work is sincere and authentic. Once I read Mandy C.from Marstons Mills review, I was intrigued.(she says it so beautifully) Once I met Kate, I could not have been more relaxed and convinced to proceed! I wake up every morning now and say "I am SO glad I did this!" If you are contemplating her services, GO NO FURTHER! We have a glistening gem right here in Chatham!
Ellie B.
Chatham, MA
"I am beyond happy with my Micro pigmentation for my lips !! It came out gorgeous-she really takes her time to make sure it looks perfect and explains everything thoroughly!! Love the color Katie created for me and have gotten so many compliments. No more lipstick on my teeth, cups , clothes and no need to put lipstick on anymore —YAY !! I will be doing this for years to come. Bonus-makes my teeth look whiter too! Kate, coupled with her nursing background, ensures a VERY CLEAN environment and sterile process! And knows the complete health safety, healing process etc. I felt very comfortable during the entire process!! With Katie’s knowledge, RN background, artistic eye and ability - I wouldn’t go anywhere else!"​
Mandy C.
Marstons Mills, MA
Kate is a joy, her expertise shines through in her work. I appreciate the time she puts into my beauty treatments, the outcome is consistently perfect. I highly recommend K Beauty Studio
Jen M.
Chatham, MA
Kate is a joy, her expertise shines through in her work. I appreciate the time she puts into my beauty treatments, the outcome is consistently perfect. I highly recommend K Beauty Studio
Misty C.
Yarmouth, MA
"My eye brows are very beautiful. The environment is calm and relaxing. Great customer service, brows on fleek"
Abby B.
"K -Beauty studio does an AMAZING job!!! Anyone considering having great brows should definitely make an appt!! Kate's exceptional!"
Carol C.
Chatham, MA
Welcome and Good Luck Kate Sajin! You did a fabulous job on the property and the salon has great services! You are very professional and charming and I wish you all the best with your new business!
Phyllis N.P.
Chatham, MA
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